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About tomkin construction

Tomkin Construction Ltd is a family business; which is dedicated to providing services to private residential projects in London as well as in the countryside.

Tomasz, the Company Director, has been working in London since early 2003. His journey in construction first began in carpentry – an essential skill that he has mastered in his homeland Poland. Following carpentry jobs in London, he began working as a foreman for big construction projects; in which he was responsible for managing a team of 30+.

In 2012, Tomasz began running his own construction company, in which he completed many successful and beautiful projects.

Kinga, the Project Manager, has been working with us since early 2015. With her level of expertise in the industry, she ensures the client’s needs are met and that all dreams come true, whether that be for a home or a small construction project.

In addition to our long-term working staff, we work alongside a number of regular and accounted for sub-contractors. Over the years, we have managed to establish a network of specialists and suppliers which cover all aspects of construction, such as renovations and extensions. All of which may be required by the client when wanting to undertake a construction project.

Tomkin Construction works alongside an amazing team of professional architects and interior designers to ensure clients receive the highest quality possible. Working at close hand with architects allows for clients to receive turn-key solutions.

Our strong suit is that as a company we take pride in the quality of our work, and we take care in all aspects when completing a project. Over the years we have developed great experience and genuine relationships with designers and clients which have allowed us to apply this to the building process and improve the efficiency of the services which we provide.

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